Hey Cuties, just a reminder if your event gets canceled there will only be a store credit reimbursed to you not a refund. Thank you for understanding xx
Hey Cuties, just a reminder if your event gets canceled there will only be a store credit reimbursed to you not a refund. Thank you for understanding xx
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Rental Agreement

Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions (the “agreement”) are a legal agreement between you and Courtney’s Closet which establish the terms and conditions under which you submit your personal information, order the products, and obtain related services from Courtney’s Closet, via Courtneysclosetx.com

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before placing an order.

General – Rental Agreement

The agreement you have with Courtney’s Closet is a rental agreement. This means that your right to the products on our page are subject to the rental agreement which are specified in your order including the dates for the rental, the price and the date by which the goods are due to be returned.

All Prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Rental Fees

The rental fee for the products will be listed on the page in connection with your rental of the products upon submitting your order. Upon processing an order we will require a credit or debit card charge of the rental fee immediately. The rental fee does not include postage costs, these will be found on the checkout page ($15 including return courier bag).  

A refund may occur on the obligations that the dress you had booked becomes damaged from a previous customer, meaning your rental will no longer go ahead. I will offer you another garment as a replacement or a refund if preferred. If a refund occurs you will lose your postal cost as this covers the refund fee on my end.

Courtney’s Closet has a strict no cancellations policy so please ensure you are certain about your order. Should there be an issue or error in your order it is your obligation to contact myself (Shawna) immediately to change any details. We are sorry but we do not refund or credit if an item does not fit you. We allow try on's for our Local customers. Postal try ons are available on occasions and can be arranged through Shawna directly. If you are unsure if an item will fit you we suggest you go on the brands website to see the size guide for measurements or contact Shawna for help and guidance. Courtney's Closet is happy to send a ‘Backup’ outfit on request if there is time.

If you have an item booked and decide to cancel the order at any time a store credit is applicable. Store credits are valid for 6 months. 


If your event is cancelled, postponed or unable to be picked up from the Matamata HQ due to a change in COVID alert levels your rental will be credited to you under the booking system. To use the credit please contact Shawna directly to arrange. The store credit will need to be used within 6 months. No refunds will be given over this period. 

Your obligations

If you require the garment to be posted you must provide a physical address where you are able to physically accept the parcel. Should you provide an address where you are not personally present, Courtney’s Closet will not be liable for non-delivery of a parcel or the result of a parcel being left unattended. Upon confirmation of the products you agree to treat the garment with care so that there is no damage to the product.

Please do not wash any of our garments as most of them require dry-cleaning.

You are hereby financially liable for loss, destruction or damage to the goods due to theft, disappearance, fire, major stains, rips or any other cause in which the goods are rendered unusable for further hireage. In the occurrence the garment cannot be further hired out the total retail price of the garment will need to be paid in order to find a replacement.

If on return, items need cleaning beyond standard dry cleaning or repairs you will be required to pay for these services. You will be personally contacted in this situation to come to an agreement.

When booking your rental date please ensure you select the date you are wearing the garments. The delivery and returned date is based off this. If you have any questions or would like an extended rental please contact Courtney's Closet directly. Please ensure you book in a timely matter, allowing enough time to process your order  

Last minute orders placed on Friday for Saturday are an exception to this. If you are planning on picking up an item you may book it on the same day you wish to wear the item, however it is helpful to message Shawna prior to booking to eliminate any delays. 

Under this agreement you agree to return the products to Courtney’s Closet immediately after your hire date (posted via courier the following working date in the bag supplied).

If you have picked an item up from our physical address in Matamata, it needs to be returned on the next working day.

If we have not received the products back two working days after the rental date we reserve the right to charge a late fee of $25.

If our product has not been returned to us within the 14 days, this non-compliance of return will be considered as a breach of the rental agreement and you are liable to reperend Courtney’s Closet the original retail price of the garment (less any late fees that have already been paid).

You are solely responsible for the goods being returned on the agreed date.

Should you dishonour this agreement and not pay the amounts due for any late return or damage to the goods, we will initiate enforcement procedures under this agreement. Should enforcement procedures be initiated we will claim all costs for the garment against you including all solicitor fees applicable on a client solicitor basis.

Courtney’s Closets commitment to you

Upon submitting an order with Courtney’s Closet I agree to deliver the goods ordered including the specified size, colour and design, on the date which you have requested delivery at the address noted in the order.

Should you receive products which do not meet the specified size, colour and design you agree to contact Courtney's Closet within 24 hours of the date on which you received the products via email or telephone and return the product. Returns need to be made within 24 hours of receiving the item in order to receive a refund or store credit. This is to ensure the item remains unworn.

Courtney’s Closet take no liability should the goods not fit the customer due to an error in ordering the wrong size or for an item not fitting or looking as desired. All goods delivered have been professionally dry-cleaned and are provided to the customer in a ready to wear state.

We will inspect each product before delivery with the utmost care and should this not be up to standards please contact Courtney’s Closet immediately. 

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Courtney’s Closet be liable to you or any other third party for damage, non-delivery, or loss as a result of any unforeseen circumstances or circumstances considered force majeure.  

You assume sole and exclusive responsibility and liability for all claims against you and or damage arising from your use of the goods during your rental period.


Courtney’s Closet take no liability should an item not arrive to you on time due to an issue with postage. We post all our items 2-3 days prior to ensure you have your item on the day you have requested it for. If an item does not get delivered on time we will offer you a credit for the amount of the item you have booked, but not for any postage costs.